Rules and Expectations


  • Read the Book - or as much of the book as possible. There will be spoilers in our conversations.

  • Feel free to bring any questions you would like to ask the group.

  • Speak up - We want to hear your thoughts, they matter and we love hearing them.

  • Respect everyone - All views, beliefs, values, and people are welcome.

  • It is okay to disagree - but stay respectful.

  • Do research on the monthly books if you need to - but don't share spoilers prior to the meeting.

  • I try to look for major trigger warnings. If there are any major ones in the book, they will be posted.


  • Be kind to everyone. You will be removed if you cause problems.

  • All meetings will start on time. If you will be late please let us know.

  • Don't interrupt or cut people off while they are sharing.

  • No side conversations while people are talking.

  • Each event has limited space. Please RSVP as quickly as possible to ensure your spot.

We will stay away from any overtly political or religious books along with anything that is a 'hot topic'. This book club is met to be light, and fun. Those topics may come up in books or discussions, but divisive books or authors will be avoided as much as possible.